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Technology Platforms

Our platforms

There are 9 identified technology platforms at UNamur, each of them sheltering state-of-the-art equipment, technical knowhow and sharp expertise.  They are accessible to the scientific community as well as to industries.

  • BL3 Lab (Handling of classified level 3 pathogen organisms)
  • Genomics (Genomic and transcryptomic analysis)
  • LOS (Lasers, optics, spectroscopies)
  • MaSUN (Proteomics and molecule characterization)
  • Morph-Im (Morphology and imaging)
  • PC² (Physico-chemical characterization)
  • PTCI (High performance computing support)
  • PTSV (Life sciences)
  • SIAM (Synthesis, irradiation and analysis of materials)




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Technology platforms according to the UNamur Research Council definition

According to the UNamur Research Council, a technology platform is "a cluster of equipment and human resources dedicated to a community of users for validated technological resources. The equipment availability is complemented by associated services (expertise, development and results analysis)."