Technological Platform High Performance Computing

The Technological Platform High Performance Computing (PTCI) is UNamur's primary high-performance computing resource. It provides high performance computing environment in support of research in a very broad range of areas such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, biochemistry, pharmacy, economy, and many others. The PTCI is a member of the 'Consortium des Équipements de Calcul Intensif' (CÉCI).

The Hercules cluster

The current cluster 'Hercules' was setup as replacement of the iSCF cluster. It was named after the Dynastes hercules in tribute to Prof. Jean-Pol Vigneron 1).

Hercules is primarily designed for users who need to run either shared memory parallel jobs (OpenMP or Pthreads), or multiple resource-intensive sequential jobs.

This system has 1000 cores, 4.0 TB of total memory, and 70 TB of shared storage. He is capable of 14 TFLOP/s theoretical peak performance. Two GPU enabled nodes are available for general use.

Users with an account can connect to one of the Hercules login nodes using SSH. The main login node is See the How to connect page for details of how to configure your SSH client and transfer files to and from your local computer.

For details on the cluster hardware, please refer to the Hardware page.

Everyone using the cluster should look at the PTCI usage policies page.