Hercules 2 : Environment Modules layout changes

Modification of the module layout on the Hercules cluster.

As of December 1, 2020, the module layout on the Hercules cluster will be modified to follow the CÉCI standard.


Please note the following changes:

Switching between releases

To switch between releases, you should use the command ml load releases/YYYYx instead of ml load YYYYx where YYYYx = 2016b, 2017a, ...

You can still use ml load YYYYx but its use is strongly discouraged.

Default release

The default release is now version 2019b.

The previous default release remains accessible using the command ml load releases/2016b

Module Spider

The ml spider command will search for modules in all releases.

Legacy software

The "legacy" software remains available using the ml load legacy command although it is strongly recommended to use the versions present in the releases.


You can already test this new features by creating the file ".enable_module_ceci_layout" at you homedir's root, then log out and log in again.

Further information

For additional information, please refers to the related sections in the CÉCI documentation: