Technological Platform in High Performance Computing

Do you need computing power for your research?

Does your computer sound like an airliner about to take off? It's probably time to switch to using our high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure.

High performance computing combines the computing power of a large number of processors, memory and storage devices in HPC clusters to solve problems that are too large for a single computer.

An HPC cluster environment provides a centrally managed front end accessing shared storage that can be accessed from any compute node.

If your research requires processing massive amounts of data and/or your current computing tasks take weeks or months on a personal computer, you will likely benefit from using HPC.

PTCI is supporting the university's scientific computing needs by providing high-performance computing (HPC) clusters and storage for research data. As a member of the Consortium des Équipements de Calcul Intensif (CÉCI), PTCI provides access to HPC resources and data storage to researchers at five universities in the French-speaking part of Belgium.





The PTCI has an expertise for the management of HPC equipment and for the installation and optimization of codes dedicated to particular applications, including the license management. The fields of expertise of the University research teams involved in the PTCI are very broad: Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Material Science, Polymers, Optics, Algorithmic, Biology,...

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