Confocal laser scanning microscope Leica SP5


This classical confocal microscope allows multicolor imaging on fixed samples. It allows Z-scanning for 3D reconstructions. Time-lapse imaging is possible on living samples, but only for short periods of time (no incubator, no drift correction system).

Technical description

  • Inverted Leica DMI6000CS, with stage manual for XY and motorized for Z movements
  • Lasers: 405 nm (diode), 488 nm (Ar), 561 nm (diode), 633 nm (HeNe)
  • Detectors: 3 PMTs for fluorescence + 1 PMT for transmitted light
  • Objectives: 10x (PL Fluotar NA 0.3, dry), 40x (PL-Apo CS, NA 1.3, oil UV), 63x (PL-Apo CS, NA 1.40, oil UV), 100x (PL-Apo CS, NA 1.40, oil)
  • Drift correction: None
  • UV-Vis light source: Short Arc Lamp HXP Metal halide (HXP R120W/45C VIS)
  • Antivibration table (stone)


Building 22 (medicine medicine), 4th floor, room 405.


Academic manager

Henri-François RENARD

Catherine DEMAZY