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The Synthesis, Irradiation & Analysis of Materials platform (SIAM) is active in both the synthesis and the characterization of materials and nanomaterials. SIAM performs fundamental research in materials sciences, surfaces, interfaces and ion/matter interaction. Different kinds of materials and/or samples, coming from material sciences, life sciences but not only (materials evaluation inside a biological matrix) can be thoroughly analyzed.

One of SIAM's major assets is a unique set of expertise in different spectroscopy techniques (high and lower energies), which can be coupled to nuclear analysis. Investigations can be performed thanks to a state-of-the-art equipment, a philosophy of constant development and a highly qualified team.

SIAM provides characterization and/or analysis solutions in fields such as photovoltaic, intelligent coatings, nanomaterials, public health, biomedical applications to name a few. Our clients' portfolio covers several industrial sectors, SMEs and academia. Our clients benefit from an overall technical approach (one stop shop).


SIAM's expertise in materials characterization relies on its capacity to use and combine various spectroscopies (XPS, ToF-SIMS & IBA). These techniques provide a complete evaluation of almost any kind of sample such as metals, welds, glass, polymers, powders, liquids, in vivo biological material, ...

SIAM has several facilities for functionalizing materials and/or synthesising thin films by plasma treatments.

Our experience, from several Regional and European Commission funded projects, qualify us for the analysis of complex samples such as nanoparticles inside complex matrices (food, culture medium, cells from in vitro experiments and organs from in vivo experiments).


Analysis of materials - full characterization

Some case studies by main used technique

XPSToF-SIMSIBA (PIXE)Nanomaterials
  • Metal multilayer profiling
  • sp2 / sp3 report on DLCs
  • Corrosion problems and origin
  • Determination of chromium layer oxidation state
  • Detection of contaminant traces in different matrices (application in electronics, photovoltaics, ...)
  • Elementary and molecular imaging of polymer samples
  • Biodistribution and biopersistence (in vivo) of NMs, characterization and quantification.
  • Characterisation of thin film materials and airborne particulate matter
  • Phase transformation studies
  • Production of nanomaterials and nanomaterial-based products
  • Nanomaterials detection in the environment (fate studies, contaminant traces, microplastics)
  • Materials biocompatibility (scaffolds, implants)






  • surface analysis
  • XPS
  • ToF-SIMS
  • Nuclear Reactions Analysis
  • PIXE
  • PIGE
  • RBS
  • BS
  • NRA
  • RNDA
  • ERDA
  • ToF-ERD
  • ion beam
  • UPS
  • (HR)EELS
  • LEED
  • microprobe
  • life science
  • radiobiology
  • plasma
  • coating
  • sputtering
  • nanomaterial
  • surface engineering
  • Monte-Carlo simulations for new materials
  • depth profiling
  • chemical imaging
  • contact angle
  • Virtual Coater