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The SIAM platform (Synthesis, Irradiation & Analysis of Materials) is active in both the synthesis and the characterization of materials.  The equipment enables applied and fundamental research in materials sciences, surfaces and interfaces and ion/matter interaction.  Next to these classical topics of physics and chemistry, we are also equipped to lead research in the wide area of life sciences.

Our major asset is to be able to link different types of surface spectroscopies with nuclear analysis, thanks to a state-of-the-art equipment and a constant development.

The research conducted at SIAM has direct applications in various fields such as photovoltaic, intelligent coatings, nanomaterials, public health, biomedical applications...


SIAM expertise in materials characterization relies on its capacity of combining various spectroscopies (XPS, ToF-SIMS & IBA) for offering a global picture of any kind of sample: metals, welds, glass, polymers, powders, liquids, in vivo biological material...
In addition, SIAM has several facilities for functionalizing marterials and/or synthesising thin films by plasma treatments.



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  • surface analysis
  • XPS
  • ToF-SIMS
  • Nuclear Reactions Analysis
  • PIXE
  • PIGE
  • RBS
  • BS
  • NRA
  • RNDA
  • ERDA
  • ToF-ERD
  • ion beam
  • UPS
  • (HR)EELS
  • LEED
  • microprobe
  • life science
  • radiobiology
  • plasma
  • coating
  • sputtering
  • nanomaterial
  • surface engineering
  • Monte-Carlo simulations for new materials
  • depth profiling
  • chemical imaging
  • contact angle
  • Virtual Coater