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ICP & Elemental analysis


Optical Emission Spectrometry coupled with Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES) is based on the thermal excitement of ions in plasma and the analysis of the light emitted by these ions. Every element emits characteristic wavelengths. The wavelengths are then separated, identified and their intensities measured by a spectrometer. The elementary concentration is determined by comparison to an external calibration.

Elemental analysis

The instrument allows the fast determination of the content in carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur or oxygen in organic matters and other types of materials.  This analysis is based on the total combustion of the material at 940°C (under a flow of oxygen and pressure).

The carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur in the samples are transformed into carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide respectively. A chromatographic column separates these products, which are measured by a heat conduction detector.

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