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Electron microscopy service

Electron microscopy service

The electronic microscopy service of UNamur is equipped with a TEM (transmission electron microscope) and two SEM (scanning electron microscope) of very high resolution and coupled with an X analysis probe, an image analysis system and the necessary devices needed for sample preparation.

This inter-faculty service is accessible to the UNamur researchers who wish to use these techniques for observation or analysis, for both research and teaching.

Electron microscopy service

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Jeol 6010LV Jeol 7500F Tecnai 10
TEM support equipment SEM support equiment
  • Carbometaliser
  • Dehydration module
  • Mecanical roughing modules
  • Electric roughing module
  • Ultramicrotomes
  • Knife maker

Access and use conditions are regulated.  Anybody willing to perfom analyses is invited to comply to the regulations.

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For outside users

The electron microscopy service is available for other universities research teams or industries.  Please contact in order to determin the terms and conditions of use.