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Confocal microscope

Confocal microscope

Confocal microscopeThe confocal microscope allows to obtain an image resolution high enough to determine the subcellular localization of the proteins of interest, notably for the co-localization studies. It is also a prerequisite for the reconstruction of 3D-images.

The fourth laser, a 405 nm UV laser, is used for quantitative calcium concentration measurements (e.g. with the fluorescence probe Indo1) as well as for DAPI staining (used for defining the type of cell death after nucleus staining). Co-localization and organelle dynamics are quantified. Silencing and transfection validation is also performed.

All these experiments are performed on monolayer but also in organotypic culture (e.g. epidermis).

The microscope allows FRET experiments, in order to study interactions between proteins of interest.