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The MORPH-IM platform (Morphology & Imaging) provides expert guidance and support to the UNamur staff and to external users from sample preparation to image acquisition and analysis. It enables applied and fundamental research in materials sciences and life sciences.  Our major asset is to be able to link different types of imaging, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and constant development.

The platform enables the observation (fluorescence microscopy, visible light microscopy, electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy (AFM) and flow cytometry (FACS)) as well as the quantification of different parameters for both biological as well as materials samples including nanofilms and nanoobjects.


Life sciences: life imaging (confocal or holographic microscopy), (immuno)-histology, (immuno)-fluorescence labeling for microscopy or flow cytometry, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, microinjection platform
Materials sciences: scanning and transmission electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy


The scientific staff has been trained to help design experiments and prepare the sample as well as to teach how to acquire the images and/or analyze the results.


Atomic Force MicroscopyBD Pathway 855Confocal microscopyElectron microscopyFlow cytometry
AFM BD Pathway 855 Confocal microscopy Electron microscopy Flow cytometry (FACS)
Fluorescence microscopy Histology platform Holographic microscopy Microinjection platform Scanning tunneling microscopy
Fluorescence microscopy Histology platform Holographic microscopy 1




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  • fluorescence microscopy
  • confocal microscopy
  • holographic microscopy
  • visible light microscopy
  • electron microscopy
  • SEM
  • TEM
  • AFM
  • STM
  • FACS
  • flow cytometry
  • microinjection
  • immuno-histology
  • fluorescent labeling
  • quantification
  • nanofilms, nanoobjects
  • structured materials
  • fixed & living cells
  • bacteria
  • plant and animal tissues