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Proteomic and MassSpec

The Proteomic platform

Operated by an experienced technician, it is focused on gel-dependent proteomics and in particular on the 2D-DIGE (difference in gel electrophoresis) technology, relying on a combination of equipment including the IPGPhor, Ettan DALT, a 2D Optimizer for gradients, and the Typhoon Confocal scanner.

This approach allows a comparative quantitative analysis of the proteome of a treated cell or tissue sample versus an untreated sample.

The MassSpec platform

MaXisOperated by an experienced engineer, it combines different mass spectrometers (HCT ultra with ETD II, Bruker, coupled to a Dionex Ultimate 3000 nanoLC system, and a MaXis Bruker coupled to a Dionex Ultimate 3000 2D-LC system). Up to now the facility has been mainly dedicated to identify proteins separated by 2D-DIGE gels, based on the sequence of the peptides obtained after trypsinization.

Recently, gel-independent proteomics have started, relying only on the MassSpec facility.